Cardiff Plasterers offers a full range of internal and external plastering services for renovation projects throughout Cardiff.
We also provide a decorating services for domestic and commercial projects.

Internal decoration
The decoration of a new home or recent renovation is what makes it stand out. The final finish can transform an ordinary house into a spectacular residence. It’s the first thing people notice as they enter, and it sets the character for every room throughout the house. So let’s face it, it has to be done properly.

And who you choose can lead to years of satisfaction or years of regret!

Some home-owners spend a fortune on curtains, tiling and floor finishes, only to have the entire look and feel of their home ruined by a substandard decoration job. Your house is likely to be your most important asset, so it pays to have the work done by a professional accredited team of time served decorators.

External decoration
The Uk’s climate, with its volatile weather and occasional sightings of UV light, can destroy an inferior paint job literally within a few months of it first being applied.
Protection against  our weather conditions is all about quality products, we will only use weather-shield approved paints that provide guarantees and customer satisfaction.

Having painted thousands of Cardiff homes since 1983, we have seen many new products come onto the market — some better than others. With our experienced team we know what product suits the job at hand.

That’s why it’s important to choose a painter you can trust  — and to insist on tried-and-tested paints.

Commercial decoration
With our experienced team of painting specialists. This reputation comes with over 30 years experience providing specialised commercial paint applications to some of Cardiff’s most iconic buildings and developments. Whether it’s a school, office, shopping centre or an airport – our commercial painters can be quickly assembled to assess, plan and deliver a quality paint job with minimal disruption to your business.


For further information about our decorating services, click here to leave a message or call on Mobile 07785267581 Office 02920562091